Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 1. Lesson 31

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Например: Do you like to go to the Zoo? Can you play football? Can you swim well?
Например: She likes to go to the park. She can’t swim well. She can run and jump.

He can play baseball. They can play badminton. He can swim.
Например: Can your father swim? Can your sister play football? Can your mother play volleyball?

Tanya is from a sports family. Her father and mother like to play big tennis. Her brother is a good swimmer. She wants to join Bristol Sports Club. She is a sports fan. She can play basketball and volleyball. She can’t play football. She wants to play table tennis.
The dolphins like to swim. They can swim very well.
The hares like to run. They can run very well.
The cats like to play table tennis. They can play tennis very well.
The monkeys like to play volleyball. They can play volleyball very well.
The frog likes to jump. It can jump very well.
The dogs like to play football. They can play football very well.

Например: My friends like sport. They can swim well, run well. They like to play football, volleyball.
CM. упр. 9
Ten, in, no, not, lion, Ann, rat, nation.
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