Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 1. Lesson 36

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Liz and Bob can skate very well. They can dance on the ice. Jill and Jack can’t skate well.
Например:I can skate very well. My friend can’t skate.

— Hello, Kate.
— Hi, Tom.
— Let’s go to the stadium. I want to play basketball.
— I’d love to but I can’t.
— Why?
— I’m not well.
— Oh! I am sorry. I’d love to go to the stadium with you.
— So do I.
— Don’t worry. See you soon.
— Good bye.
1) Bobby-Doggy is a little white and grey dog. He sees a ball. The ball is in the basket. It is big and red. 2) Suddenly the basket falls down. The ball falls down and Bobby-Doggy falls down, too. 3) Let’s play, — says Nick. Now Nick and his friend Bobby-Doggy have a lot of fun. They are happy.

Tom is the best sportsman in our class. Lie likes sports very much. He can play basketball, baseball and football. He likes to play tennis, table tennis, badminton and volleyball.
Mike is eight. He likes sports games very much. He likes to play football. He plays in the sports ground. He likes to play volleyball very much. He plays volleyball in a gym.
A fat cat sat on a mat and ate a rat.
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