Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 1. Lesson 6

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The boy is eight. He likes to play with his robot. He likes to play computer games. He has got many toys, he has got a plane, a car, a ship and a ball.
The girl is seven. She likes to play with a Barbie-doll, a Matryoshka-doll, a teddy-bear, a monkey, a ball, a telephone. She likes to play Lego games.
Например: I have got many toys. I have got a doll, a ball, a dog, a money, Lego, A computer. I don’t like to play with a doll and a monkey. I like to play Lego games and computer games.

Вопросы другу: How many toys have you got? Have you got a doll (a ball, a monkey, a car… ) ? Do you like to play with a doll (a ball, a monkey, a car… )?
His name is Bill. He has got a bike and he likes to ride it.

Nick doesn’t like to roller-skate. Tim hasn’t got a camel. I don’t like to ride a bike. Bob hasn’t got a dog. I haven’t got a robot. Kate hasn’t got a frog. I haven’t got a sister. Ann hasn’t got a bicycle.
Doll, frog, have, got.
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