Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 55

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Jen the Hen is happy. Jen’s children are lovely. Tug the Dog is lazy. Chuck the Duck is lazy. Jen’s friends are not clever. Pam the Cat is not lovely.
Do you know many English poems? Does she like to help her mother about the house? Where do you live? Does Nick know where his aunt lives? Where does your little brother put his toys?

Например: I am a teacher. — That’s not right.
Jen the Hen knows how to make bread. Jen’s friends are in the street near her house. They don’t want to help her, they are lazy. Tug the Dog wants to run, Pam the Cat wants to jump. Chuck the Duck wants to swim. Jen is very sorry, because her friends don’t want to help her make bread. The children say that they can help her. They begin to make bread.

Например: Jen the Hen is very clever. Jen the Hen has got one son and two daughters. They like to run and jump. Jen the Hen and her children live in a brown house in Green Street. Jen the Hen has got three friends.
When, helps, know, lazy, near.
How, hen, her, his, house, home.
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