Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 59

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I am ready to read the poem. She is tired when she comes home.
— Whom do you always help? — I always help my mother.
— Whom do you always give your toys to play? — I always give my sister my toys to play.
— Do you like to eat bread when you are hungry? — No, I don’t like to eat bread when I am hungry.

Например: — Why is not Petrov at school? — He is ill.
Ann does not want to play because she is ill.

False, true, true, false, true, false, false, true, false, true, true.
Ann is a little girl. She is only five. Ann is a nice and funny girl. She has got many toys. She likes to play with them. Today she is ill.

I have got a cousin. Her name is Olga. She is a pupil. Olga is ten. She likes to go to school. She has got three friends. Their names are Peter, Kate and Helen. My cousin is a very nice and funny girl.
Tim is a nice little boy. He is seven. He has got many toys. He likes to play with his cars, robots, planes, trains and ships. He has got many friends. He has got a mother, a father and a brother. He likes to play with his friends in the park.
Man — Ann, nice — ice, where — there, know — no, fine — nine, here — there.
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