Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 65

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1) I don’t think so. Birds don’t like ice cream.
2) That’s not true. Mice have not got long ears.
3) That’s right. Cats like to sit in trees.
4) I believe not. He doesn’t close his eyes when he watches TV.
5) That’s true. My friend knows many nice English songs.
1) Open your mouth and show me your teeth.
2) The girl opens her mouth.
3) The dentist looks at her teeth.
Picture 2. 1) I can see a long snake.
2) Her mouth is open.
3) I can see a tooth in her mouth.

1) I’m sorry you are not right. He goes to Aunt Mammy-Bammy.
2) You are quite right.
3) I’m sorry you are not right. She takes the bird.
4) You are quite right.
5) I’m sorry you are not right. She asks to get the Snake’s tooth for her.
6) You are quite right.
7) You are quite right.
8) I’m sorry you are not right. The Snake is hungry.
9) You are quite right.
Brother Hare gets the Snake’s tooth.

I think he is clever.
I have got a nice ball in my left hand. A bird can sing a nice song in the tree. Open my bag and take an ice cream out of it. I am in bed when I am ill. My parents are very kind.
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