Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 72

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— I want to be a pilot.
— Yes, I want to fly.
— Yes, I am.
— No, I am not afraid of flying.
Do you want to fly into space? Can you go into a dark room? What is your father? Can you jump well? Can you run well?

I don’t think so. Children don’t like to play in dark rooms.
I’m afraid you are wrong. Rabbits are not very brave animals.
I don’t think you are right. Teachers don’t like silly pupils.
I don’t think so. My father doesn’t like to go fishing every day.
I’m afraid you are wrong. Foxes like to eat fish.
My father often goes fishing with my uncle. I like to get presents and I like to give presents. I never cry at school.

John is happy. His father has a present for him. It’s a bicycle. He likes it very much. He is very glad to have it.
don’t know; don’t know; true; true; false; false; true; false.

John’s father likes to swim. He often goes to the swimming-pool. His mother likes to play tennis. They often go to the stadium.
John is not a very good sportsman, but he wants to be a good sportsman.

Например: I have got a friend who likes sport. His name is Peter. He likes to swim. So he often goes to the swimming pool. He can play football very well and often goes to the stadium.
CM. № 3
Snake, never, other, white, ball, America, lake, look.
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