Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 87

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1) That’s wrong. The little monkey usually has breakfast at eight o’clock. 2) That’s not right. The hares have lunch at eight o’clock. 3) That’s wrong. The little bear gets up at five o’clock. 4) That’s not right. The foxes do exercises at eleven o’clock. 5) It is true. The elephant takes a shower at three o’clock. 6) That’s wrong. The rabbit cleans his teeth at six o’clock every morning.
When do the hares have lunch? What do the hares do at eight o’clock? Do the hares have lunch at ten o’clock? When does the little bear get up? What does the little bear do at five o’clock? Does the little bear get up at five o’clock? What do the foxes do at eleven o’clock? When do the foxes do exercises? Do the foxes do exercises at six o’clock? When does the elephant take a shower? What does the elephant do at three o’clock? Does the elephant take a shower at three o’clock? When does the rabbit clean his teeth? What does the rabbit do at six o’clock? Does the rabbit clean his teeth at ten o’clock every morning?

The hares are having lunch now. The little bear is getting up now. The foxes are doing exercises now. The elephant is taking a shower now. The rabbit is cleaning his teeth now.
Flop is a frog. Polly and Chat are big white birds.

The frog lives in the lake. Flop has got two friends. Their names are Polly and Chat. Flop can’t tell the time. Polly can tell the time. Flop does exercises at seven o’clock. Then he takes a shower. Flop’s friends don’t take a shower. Yes, they do. They have a good time after breakfast. They play games. Flop plays leapfrog with his frog-friends. Polly and Chat play hide-and-seek.
And my sister doesn’t do exercises every day. And my sister doesn’t usually take a shower in the morning. And my sister doesn’t clean her teeth at seven o’clock. And my sister doesn’t dress at eight o’clock. And my sister doesn’t have breakfast at nine o’clock.
Thank you.
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