Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 88

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Am I reading now? Is she drawing now? Are you going to school now? Where is she going now? With whom are they going to the swimming pool? Why are you playing now?
My father comes home at seven o’clock. My father cleans his teeth every day. My father has lunch every afternoon. I play games in the afternoon. I have breakfast in the morning. I wash my face and hands every day. I get up at seven o’clock. My friend and I play games in the afternoon. My friends and I go to the swimming pool every afternoon. Tom’s brother goes for a walk every afternoon. Tom’s brother cleans his teeth every morning. Mr Brown goes for a walk every day. Mr Brown has lunch in the afternoon. Mr Brown dresses in the morning.

She usually does her homework at four o’clock. She is doing her homework now.
She helps her Granny at six o’clock. She is helping her Granny to wash the window now.
They usually read at five o’clock. They are reading now.
They usually clean the house at seven o’clock. They are cleaning the house now.
Например: — Where does the bird want to go? — The bird wants to go to another lake. — Does the frog go with the birds?— Yes, she goes with the birds. — What do the boys say? — “What have the birds got?” — Why does the frog fall? — She says “Г m not a clock! I’m a frog!”

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Why — bye, can’t — aunt, his — is, fall — ball, or — four, hi — my, go — no, now — how, game — name, fox — box.
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