Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 2. Lesson 91

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Kitty usually gets up at seven o’clock. She does exercises at seven o’clock in the morning. She cleans her teeth and dresses. She has breakfast at seven o’clock. At eight o’clock Kitty goes to school.
At twelve o’clock she has lunch. At two o’clock Kitty goes home. She has dinner at three o’clock. She washes up at four o’clock. At five o’clock she takes her dog for a walk. In the evening Kitty does her homework, reads a book, has supper and goes to bed. Kitty is getting up now. She is doing exercises. She is cleaning her teeth now. Kitty is dressing. She is having breakfast now. She is going to school. She is having lunch. Kitty is going home now. She is having dinner. She is washing up now. Kitty is taking her dog for a walk. She is doing her homework now. She is reading a book now. She is having supper now. Kitty is going to bed now.
Например: I get up at seven o’clock. I don’t do exercises every morning. I clean my teeth and dress. I have breakfast at seven o’clock. At eight o’clock I go to school. At twelve o’clock I have lunch. At one o’clock I go home. I have dinner at two o’clock. At five o’clock I do my homework. At seven o’clock I read a book, have supper. At ten o’clock I watch TV and go to bed.

Например: What does your mother usually do at five o’clock? — She helps me to do my homework.
Get up, do exercises, take a shower, clean teeth, dress, have lunch, have breakfast, wash hands and face, have dinner, go for a walk, do homework, help about the house, have supper, read books, watch TV, go to bed.

Jack doesn’t want to help his father.
CM. № 2
Bird, book, bear, begin, ball, black, bed, basketball, breakfast.
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