Верещагина, Притыкина 4 класс. Workbook. Урок 14

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Закончите вопросы.
1. didn’t we
2. aren’t they
3. can’t we
4. do they
5. is there
6. wasn’t there
7. do they
8. shan’t we
Задайте вопросы, используя модель Why don’t you …?
Why don’t you leave for Kiev?
Why don’t you sing that song?
Why don’t you count from 10 to 5?
Why don’t you work hard?
Why don’t you study Maths?
Why don’t you meet him at 4?
Why don’t you learn it by heart?
Найдите восемь слов и составьте правильные предложения с ними.
Leave, count, poor, join, work, song, yet.
We laughed a lot yesterday in the Zoo.
We leave the house at 4 o’clock.
I can count well.
He was the very poor boy.
We joined their game.
I work hard in my Handicraft class.
I sing this song to my granny.
I don’t know this song yet.
Подумайте о пяти вещах, которые вы видите, когда приходите в классную комнату. Можете назвать больше? Кто лучший?
Desk, teacher’s table, bookcase, blackboard, exercise books.
Ответьте на вопросы.
1. School in Russia begins on the 1 st of September.
2. Children usually begin school at the age of six or seven. They never begin school at the age of five.
3. There are no carpets in classrooms in Russian schools. There is no carpet on the floor in my classroom.
4. Yes, schoolchildren have classes outdoors.
5. Yes, I play outdoors before my classes.
6. I play tag and football with my friends.
7. I learn many interesting things – numbers, nature, animals and others.
Прочитайте пословиц и дайте ее русский вариант. Затем выучите пословицу.
Хорошее начало полдела откачало.
Зачин дело красит.
Прочитайте текст и скажите, когда у английских детей начинаются школьные занятия.
In Great Britain school begins at the age of four or five.
Pupils usually begin their school year on the first Tuesday of September.
Правда, ложь или не знаете?
1. false
2. false
3. true
4. don’t know
5. true
6. true
7. don’t know
Напишите предложения, используя «парные» слова. Смотрите таблицу “Look, Read, Remember!” на странице 83.
1. It is beautiful to love somebody.
2. You must work hard if you want to eat.
3. Give me some water, please.
4. There were very beautiful coloures on the picture.
5. The window was very clean.
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