Верещагина, Притыкина 4 класс. Workbook. Задания уроков 1-8, не имеющие ключа в рабочей тетради

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Закончите утверждения и вопросы. Используйте am, is, are.
1) My shoes are very clean.
2) Are your parents at home?
3) What colour is his bag?
4) Who is your favourite teacher?
5) What are your favourite books?
6) I am hungry.
7) Autumn and winter are cold seasons.
Посмотрите на картинки (страница 5) и напишите, чьи это животные и какого они цвета.
Kate’s cat is grey.
Donald’s dog is black and white.
The friends’ parrot is green.
The brothers’ cat is red.
The Browns’ horses are brown.
The teacher’s dogs are white.
Напишите, что есть/чего нет у людей и животных.
1) Nick likes to read. He has got many books.
2) Have you got any butter on the table?
3) These dogs have got many puppies.
4) I haven’t got any bread. Let’s go shopping.
5) She hasn’t got milk. She can’t drink white coffee.
6) “What’s wrong?” “I have got something in my eye.”
7) Pussy is a big black cat. It has got many funny kittens.
Напишите множественное число следующих существительных.
Shoes, parties, birthdays, tortoises, eyes, shops, families, houses, mice, wolves, boxes, children, wives, hares, fit, leaves, potatoes, glasses, teeth, exercises, puppies, sheep.
Напишите, что есть/чего нет в разных местах или задайте вопрос.
1) There are seven days in a week.
2) Are there four or five seasons in a year?
3) How many months are there in a year?
4) There is a nice bird in a tree.
5) There aren’t any flowers in winter.
6) There isn’t any water in the glass.
Закончите предложения, используя some или any.
1) There is some juice in the cap.
2) Is there any money in your pocket?
3) There aren’t any old trees in the park.
4) We haven’t got any small pets.
5) There is some meat in the shop.
6) Has she got any tights?
Расставьте предложения no двум колонкам.
2) There isn’t much soup for dinner.
5. ) Is there much hot porridge?
6) There is much ice cream for you.
1) There are many bright flowers here.
3) There aren’t many vegetables in the shop.
4) Are there many good books at school?
7) There are many people in the street.
Посмотрите на Роберта Пуллена и прочитайте список слов. Затем напишите, что он любит (носит, покупает) и что не любит (не носит, не покупает).
Robert Pullin wears jackets but he doesn’t wear gloves.
Robert Pullin wears sweaters but he doesn’t wear trainers.
Robert Pullin wears shirts but he doesn’t wear coats.
Robert Pullin buys apples but he doesn’t buy carrots.
Robert Pullin buys ice cream but he doesn’t buy potatoes.
Robert Pullin buys milk but he doesn’t buy sweets.
Robert Pullin buys jam but he doesn’t buy salt.
Robert Pullin likes fish but he dislikes coffee.
Robert Pullin likes fruit but he dislikes r cold porridge.
Robert Pullin likes juice but he dislikes soup.
Robert Pullin likes eggs but he dislikes butter.
Напишите, что люди всегда, обычно, часто, иногда делают/не делают.
1) When does usually Helen get up?
2) Does he often come home late?
3) He doesn’t often go to the cinema.
4) We don’t usually wear shorts in autumn.
5) I always speak Russian at school.
6) She sometimes has fish for lunch.
Что Ник и члены его семьи обычно делают или что они делают в данный момент?
1) Look, Nick’s sister is going for a walk.
2) She never goes for a walk in the evening.
3) Nick’s cousins are drinking apple juice.
4) Nick plays football every day.
5) Nick’s brother usually looks after their pets.
6) “Where is Dad?” “Oh, he is swimming in the swimming pool.”
Что делали люди вчера (на прошлой неделе, 3 дня назад…)?
1) Не had coffee for breakfast yesterday.
2) My cousin was late for school last week.
3) They didn’t come to school at 11 in the morning 3 days ago.
4) The lessons began at 8.30 yesterday.
5) My mother brought interesting books to read last week.
6) He wore warm clothes 3 days ago.
Сравните людей, животных и объекты.
1) Nelly’s brother is clever but his sister cleverer.
2) A tortoise is slow. It is slower than a dog.
3) My dolls are not very nice. Your dolls are nicer.
4) The potatoes are not very good. Buy some better potatoes.
5) That woman isn’t very beautiful. My sister is more beautiful.
6) The big brown monkey is not very funny. The small grey monkey is funnier.
7) Pete is a very bad pupil, but Hans is even worse.
Прочитайте историю и напишите, что мистер Браун умеет делать и что не умеет.
Mr Brown can grow vegetables.
Mr Brown can talk with animals.
Mr Brown can understand animals.
Mr Brown can tell stories.
Mr Brown can watch TV.
Mr Brown can’t play games.
Mr Brown can’t work on a computer.
Вставьте соответствующие формы глагола.
1) It often snows in winter here.
2) It never snows in Africa.
3) “What’s the weather like?” “It is raining.”
4) It rained all day yesterday.
5) It didn’t rain last month.
6) It is cold but it isn’t snowing.
Переведите на английский.
1) It rained yesterday.
2) It is often snows in November.
3) It is raining but it is not cold in the street.
4) Is it snowing now?
5) Stay at home. It is raining.
6) We like to watch TV when it rains.
7) It seldom rains here.
8) Did It snow yesterday?
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