Юхнель, 7. Book Search

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Рассмотрите свою книгу и ответьте на вопросы.
– There are nine units in the book.
– There are six lessons in each unit.
– I can find information on grammar rules in “Grammar reference”.
– I can find the new words of each Unit in “Active vocabulary”.
– Any other unfamiliar words I can find in “English-Russian Dictionary”.
Работа в парах. Какая из пар быстрее всего ответит на вопросы?
a) I can listen to a poem which begins with “Dear teacher…” in Unit 9. English.
b) I can learn about sports facilities in Belarus in Unit 4. Sports.
c) I can write a composition about friendship in Unit 3. Friendship.
d) I can read an excerpt from popular children’s book in Unit 9. English.
e) I can speak about the history of the world in Unit 5. Travelling back in time.
f) I can see an upside down map of the world in Unit 8. From Australia to Belarus.
g) I can read the same phrase in 8 different languages in Unit 7. Travelling to world capitals.
h) I can see a similar picture in Unit 8. From Australia to Belarus.
Просмотрите страницы книги.
a) In Unit 6 we are going to learn fifteen new words.
b) After “if” when we speak about future we use the Present Simple Tense:
c) The third form is “found”
d) In Unit 7 grammar is dealt with articles and the Future Simple Tense.
Посмотрите на страницу с содержанием книги. Как вы считаете, из каких уроков взяты эти картинки? Затем проверьте ваши предположения.
A) Unit 1
B) English
C) Friendship
D) Travelling back in time
Попробуйте угадать, что обозначают эти картинки, диаграммы и аббревиатуры. Найдите их в книге и проверьте себя.
A) Best Friends Forever
B) No fur
C) Oxygen farming
D) The Present Perfect Continuous and The Present Simple.
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