Юхнель, 7. Unit 1. Lesson 6

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Прочитайте определение. Обсудите вопросы в парах.
Сказать комплимент — значит сказать что-либо приятное людям, обычно об их внешности или о том, что они сделали.
— How often do you say compliments?
— I try to say a compliment every time I see that a person looks good or does something well.
— How often do you hear compliments?
— I can’t answer exactly but often enough, I think.
— What do you answer when someone says something nice to you?
— I thank for a compliment and say something nice in my turn.
a) Прослушайте небольшой разговор на вечеринке и прочитайте в книге. Сколько людей говорят?
Five people are talking.
b) Прочитайте разговор еще раз.
– Ways to give a compliment:
Look at you! Your hair looks fantastic!
Thanks! Your party is great!
You look so handsome, Brian!
Nice shoes!
Look at Tina! She’s so pretty!
And Barbara’s got such a friendly smile.
She looks like an angel with those curls.
No, they are not. Not all compliments are about appearance. For example, there is a compliment about a great party.
If I want to say something nice to some one I can say something nice about what they do.
What a professional translation!
You drive the car very well!
Just look at this bouquet! It is really beautiful!
– Thank you, Tina! Your party is great!
It is not necessary to answer a compliment with a compliment.
I can say “thanks”.
c) Прослушайте комплименты и повторите вслух. Обратите внимание на интонацию.
d) Работа в группах по четыре человека. Разыграйте прослушанные диалоги.
а) Составьте список комплиментов вашим одноклассникам.
Their appearance:
Your hair is splendid.
Your eyes are shining.
You look pretty.
You look smart.
Their character:
You are so kind.
I think, you are smart.
Your intelligency is well known.
Everybody says you are sociable and kindhearted.
Something they are good at:
You sew very well.
You play tennis like a professional.
You do progress in English.
They are good at swimming, I know.
b) Представьте, что вы на вечеринке. Походите по классу и обменяйтесь комплиментами.
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