Юхнель, 7. Unit 2. Lesson 6

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Обсудите вопросы всем классом.
a) The problem in the picture is that clothes don’t go one with the other. It looks ridiculous.
b) I take size 37 of the shoes.
c) These letters stand for the sizes of the clothes: XS S M L XL XXL.
d) I take clothes of size M.
e) If I don’t know what size I need I can try on a thing.
а) Семья Мика отправляется за покупками. Прочитайте разговор. Как вы думаете, кто произносит каждую реплику?
Rosie: Wow! What a dress! I’ve been looking tor it for years!
Shop assistant: Can I help you?
Rosie: Yes, I’d like to try this dress on, please.
Shop assistant: Sure. The changing room is over there.
Rosie: So, what do you think of it, Mum? Don’t you think it’s nice?
Mother: Well, Rosie, it is. But I think you need a bigger size. It looks a bit tight.
Rosie: Have you got this dress in a bigger size? M, probably.
Shop assistant: Yes, here you are.
Rosie: OK. Is this one better? What do you think, Nickie? Does it look good?
Nickie: Don’t ask me. I’m not really good at choosing clothes.
Rosie: Oh, what a bore you are!
Mother: It’s not bad. But I don’t like the colour very much. You look a bit pale in it. Try this green one on.
Nickie: Wow! You look like Fiona from Shreck.
Rosie: Thank you.
Mother: That’s lovely! It looks really good on you. I think we’ll buy it. How much is it?
Shop assistant: 19.99.
Mother: Gh, weel. It’s cheap enough.
Nickie: Brilliant! Now, let’s go and buy something for me.
b) Прослушайте запись и проверьте.
а) Работа в небольших группах. Разыграйте разговор. Используйте план.
Saleswoman: May I help you?
Olga: Yes, I’m looking blouses.
S: What’s your size?
О.: I wear size 12. Could you show me some blouses in solid color?
S: What colors would you like?
O: Yellow and white.
S: They are over here.
O: What’s the material?
S: It’s fifty percent cotton and fifty percent polyester.
O: This white blouse looks nice. I’d like to try it on.
S: The changing room is at your left.
O: I think this blouse is all right.
S: Very well, madam. Will that be cash or a credit card?
O: I’d like to give you a check.
S: We need at least one piece of identification.
O: Here is my driver’s license.
S: All right. We can accept your check.
O: These shoes are pretty. What colours do they come in?
S: We have them in brown and black.
O: Could you show me a pair of black shoes in a medium heel?
S: We have them in a high, low and medium heel. Just a minute. I’ll bring you the pair you wanted to see.
Lion: Can you help me, please?
Salesman: Yes, sir. What is it?
L: I’m looking for a flannel suit, size 40.
S: What color do you want?
L: I prefer something in grey.
S: Here’s an excellent suit in grey flannel. Will you try it on?
L: Yes, I will. Where is the changing room?
S: Come this way.
L: How does it look?
S: It looks great. It’s exactly your size.
L: How much is it?
S: This suit is on sale. It’s only 15 dollars.
L: All right. I’ll take it.
b) Поставьте сценку перед классом.
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