Юхнель, 7. Unit 3. Lesson 1

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a) Прослушайте стихотворение. Согласны ли вы с ним? Что самое лучшее в дружбе?
Yes, I do. I agree with it. The best thing about friends is that friends share secrets, and don’t tell, they share good times and bad as well, share things with one another and like each other.
b) Прочитайте стихотворение. Чем вы делитесь с друзьями?
I share secrets with my friends and don’t tell, share good times and bad as well, share things with them.
a) Какие друзья есть у людей? Где люди находят друзей?
People have close friends and familiar people.
People find friends everywhere: at school, at work, at the disco, in the street.
b) Прочитайте письма и узнайте, какие друзья есть у ребят.
Мой лучший друг — это мой дедушка. Мы друзья с самого моего детства. И мы, действительно, хорошо ладим и всегда находим массу общих приятных занятий. Летом мы ходим в поход, а зимой мы катаемся на лыжах, у нас большая коллекция игрушечных солдатиков, с которыми мы вместе играем.
Марк Энтони, Плимут
Я думаю, что мой идеальный друг — это компьютер. Моим одноклассникам неинтересно читать или учиться чему-нибудь, но в Интернете я могу найти много людей, которые разделяют мои увлечения. В школе дети считают меня скучной и часто дают клички, с виртуальными друзьями у меня не возникает недоразумений. С компьютером всегда интересно, а если не хочется разговаривать, то можно поиграть в игру или посмотреть фильм. Компьютер всегда находится в моем распоряжении.
Римма, Ливерпуль
Мой лучший друг — это мой конь Рузвельт. Он у меня уже три года. Он мой лучший друг, потому что он всегда рад меня видеть, у нас много общего. Нам обоим нравятся долгие прогулки, мы оба любим яблоки. Иногда Рузвельт бывает норовистым, но он всегда счастлив видеть меня, я уверен, он тоже считает меня своим лучшим другом.
Тони, Хайкомб
Children have such friends as relatives like granddad, a computer and a horse.
с) Соедините определения со словами, написанными жирным шрифтом.
a) to have a lot in common
b) fall out
c) call names
d) to get on well
e) to share
f) to be there for somebody
a) Дополните предложения словами, написанными жирным шрифтом.
1. get on
2. share
3. call me names
4. have a lot in common
5. fall out
6. are there for me
b) Работа в парах. Согласитесь с утверждением или опровергните его. Приведите свои примеры.
1. When children, brothers and sisters are small they often don’t get on well with each other, they compete for the attention of their parents or don’t realize, on the whole, that they are more than friends, they are close relatives.
2. Friends are those people with whom you share secrets which they don’t tell. Personally I never share my friends’ secrets with anybody.
3. Sometimes at school a boy or a girl are considered boring. Other children call them names and this is not right, from my point of view.
4. I agree that friends should have a lot in common — interests and ideas — which units them. It is simple and difficult at the same time.
5. I definitely agree on the fact that when friends fall out, one of them should call another to tell him or her how sorry he or she is. It is natural as friendship is a matter of two and depends on mutual support and understanding.
6. I strongly believe that parents are able to become best friends for a child because their love is sincere.
a) Работа в малых группах. Получите карточку у учителя. Придумайте как можно больше причин, почему ваш “друг с карточки” мог бы стать вам очень хорошим другом.
I would like to have a very good friend. Friends are very important in our life. I think one cannot live without friends. The most important thing for being good friends, to my mind, is to be ready to help one another in any situation, nevertheless how difficult it is, to support one another and to solve all the problems together. And never mind, that friends may have different interests and hobbies, different likes and dislikes. They say that the friend in need is a friend indeed. I think it is really so.
My friend should be a very good, kind and clever boy (girl). We would often spend our free time together. When we have some free time, we can go for walks, read and discuss books, watch films, go to discos or play computer games. Playing computer games is my hobby. We also can go in for swimming (tennis) and often go to the swimming pool (tennis court) together.
b) Поговорите с учащимися из других групп. Приведите причины, почему ваш “друг с карточки” лучший. Согласитесь или не согласитесь с идеями. Кто побеждает спор?
I have many friends. I like my friends. When we gather, we play computer games, chat, make lots of noise. I like noise.
To my mind, people should have many friends as possible, because if you have not friends, you just become very dull and boring person. It is fine when you have friends, who are able to understand you and support and help in difficult situations.
We have much in common and we enjoy communicating with each other. One of my friends is Sergey. He is thirteen. I can say that he is a good guy. He is a schoolboy. He wants to be a businessman like his father. He studies well, but he is not a hardworking person.
When we gather together we like to play computer games, to watch new movies and discuss them. His favourite subject at school is Maths. He is keen on Maths. I guess he might become a great mathematician, but he wants to be like his father.
We are friends for a long time. We trust each other. We have some personal secrets. I can tell him about my troubles and he always helps me, if he can.
Напишите о вашем друге. Почему вы дружите? Используйте письма из упр. 2b.
I have a lot of friends. But my best friend is Nick. We made friends many years ago when he moved to the same block of flats where we live and we get on very well. Nick is a schoolboy. He is going to become a researcher. Nick is a fine fellow. He is good-looking, tall and handsome. His hair is fair, his eyes are blue. He is always well-dressed and neat. He is strong and very popular with girls. Nick knows a lot of interesting things. He sings well and likes to tell funny stories. We always meet at the weekends. We discuss books, listen to the music or visit our friends. We also share secrets and don’t tell them to anybody. Nick is always full of life and energy. He is always ready to help people when they are in need. Nick has good manners. He is modest and sincere. He is very attentive. I am happy to have such friend as Nick is, and I think he is a true one.
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