Юхнель, 7. Unit 3. Lesson 2

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а) Разбейте прилагательные на две колонки: положительные / негативные.
Positive: friendly clever lovely polite quiet active amusing careful romantic kind
Negative: boring unfriendly naughty loud
b) Что описывают эти имена прилагательные? Дополните список.
Theses adjectives describe the character of my friend.
More adjectives: kind-hearted lazy responsible creative handsome stubborn intelligent sensitive pretty sympathetic rude
a) Переставьте слова, чтобы получилось три вопроса.
1. What does he like?
2. What is he like?
3. What does he look like?
b) Соедините ответы с вопросами из упр. 2а.
3 — а, 1 — b, 2 — с.
с) Обсудите в парах.
— Which question in ех. 2а is about character?
— The second question in ex. 2a is about character.
— Which question is about appearance?
— The third question is about appearance.
— What is the third question about?
— The third question is about appearance.
a) Прослушайте запись о том, как люди рассказывают о своих друзьях. На какие вопросы они отвечают?
They are answering to the questions: What does he / she like? What is he / she like? What does he / she look like?
b) Работа в парах. Объясните, что означают следующие слова и словосочетания. Они положительны или негативны?
Couch potato means an extremely idle or lazy person who chooses to spend most of his leisure time horizontal in front of the TV and eats a diet that is mainly junk food. It is a negative phrase.
Hard-working is an adjective which means that person possesses such quality as diligence. It is a positive characteristic.
Serious means that a person is grave in nature or disposition, thoughtful. It is a positive characteristic.
Talkative means a person characterized by or showing a tendency to talk a great deal. It is a negative word.
Kind-hearted is called a person characterized by kindness, sympathetic. It is a positive characteristic.
Nosy is prying or inquisitive. It is a negative word.
Honest means that a person always tells the truth. It is a positive adjective.
Shy means that a person is not at ease in the company of others or easily frightened, timid. It is a negative characteristic.
c) Прослушайте запись еще раз и проверьте. Какие качества хороши для друга? А какие не очень? Почему?
Your friend should be helpful to be always there for you and kind-hearted. A friend should be honest and never lie to you because real friends share secrets, don’t hide or change information.
A friend shouldn’t be too serious or on the contrary too talkative to get on well with you and other people. I also don’t suppose that a friend should be nosy in order not to bore you with endless questions. He should be active and not a couch potato at all because an active person is more interesting, he enjoys outdoor activities, goes hiking, fishing, skateboarding and snowboarding.
а) Посмотрите на эти прилагательные. Как они образованы?
These adjectives are formed with junction of two words together.
b) Составьте больше сложных имен прилагательных с помощью приведенных ниже слов. Затем добавьте к каждому имени прилагательному имя существительное.
a good-looking woman
a long-legged model
an old-fashioned lady
a quick-thinking pupil
a green-eyed boy
a well-known actor
a broken-hearted girl
Рассмотрите картинки. Каковы по характеру эти люди? Обсудите со своим партнером.
Используйте вопросы из упр. 2а и общий словарь. Кого бы вы выбрали себе в друзья? Почему?
The first boy seems to be quiet and romantic.
The second one is too serious or shy.
A girl who wears glasses looks friendly and pretty.
A smiling girl looks like an open kind-hearted person.
A boy with a trumpet must be sociable and clever.
A girl who plays the violin is serious and intelligent.
A smiling boy is a talkative and communicative one.
The last girl is decisive and serious.
— Who would you choose to be your friend?
— I like this pretty girl who smiles so sincere.
— Yes, she is lovely. Haw do you think what is she like?
— I think that an open kind-hearted person.
— I also think so.
— And who do you prefer to be your friend?
— I would like a boy with a trumpet to be my friend.
— What do you like about him?
— I admire people who can play music and he looks like a friendly clever boy.
— Good choice.
Как хорошо вы знаете себя и своего партнера? Напишите две колонки прилагательных: 1 — описание вас самих, 2 — описание вашего партнера. Сравните свои списки.
1. Pretty, friendly, clever, diligent, kind-hearted.
2. Funny, open, intelligent, sociable, talkative.
а) Выберите 1 — 2 вопроса из упр. 2а, чтобы рассказать о своем друге. Сделайте пометки, о чем вы собираетесь говорить.
One of my friends is Natalie. She is my classmate. I can say that she is a beautiful and smart girl. Natalie wants to be a journalist. She studies well because she is greatly interested in her future profession. Natalie is a hardworking girl too. I admire this feature of her character because I don’t have it.
Natalie does not have much free time but if she has, she likes to spend it in a good company, consisting of her school friends. When we gather together we like to listen to music, both classical and modem one, to watch new films and discuss them. I enjoy talking to her a lot because she knows many interesting facts about famous people, history. Her favourite subjects at school are history and literature. She is fond of reading. Books have become part of her life. We have been being friends for a long time. We trust each other so much that we have some personal secrets which are not revealed to the others. I can tell her about my troubles and I am sure that Natalie would help me and give me a piece of good advice. Natalie is an intelligent person. She has a deep and genuine interest in people, open-mindedness and inquiring mind. It is necessary for her as a journalist. I’m happy to have such a friend as Natalie is.
с) Используя свои записи, расскажите классу о своем друге. Пусть они догадаются, на какие вопросы вы отвечали.
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