Юхнель, 7. Unit 3. Lesson 6

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Сколько новых слов вы можете составить на основе слова FRIEND?
Friend, friendship, friendly, user-friendly.
Обсудите в парах, когда и где вы впервые встретили своего лучшего друга.
— Who is your best friend?
— My best friend is Lisa.
— How long have you known each other?
— We have been classmates since the first day at school.
— Oh! What a long friendship!
— Yes, it is. When I entered the class I saw a pretty girl with blue smiling eyes and I sat next to her.
— Nice. Did you get on well at once?
— It seems unbelievable but it happened at once. We discovered that we had much in common.
— Do you have common hobbies, interests?
— Yes, we do. We both enjoy dancing and we like comedies. We talk and laugh all the time. I’m so happy that I have such a good and amusing friend.
а) Посмотрите на картинку. Опишите этих подростков. Что они за люди?
I think that they are best friends who have a common hobby — they both enjoy playing tennis. They smile like open communicative persons who get on well.
b) Как вы думаете, каковы могут быть их ответы на вопросы?
1. They met at the party.
2. They met in summer.
3. They were dancing.
4. They became friends because they got on well at once.
5. They have common interests.
6. They didn’t use to play tennis.
c) Прослушайте запись, где Пит и Мэри разговаривают о своей дружбе. Были ли ваши догадки верны?
Most of my guesses were right.
d) Прослушайте запись еще раз. Сделайте пометки к вопросам из упр. ЗЬ. Затем сравните свои записи с записями партнера.
1. They met at end-of-the-year party.
2. They met in summer.
3. Mary was talking to Pete’s sister, Carrie, about holiday plans when she saw Pete. Pete was alone and felt bad because all his friends had stayed in Cardiff. Then Carrie introduced them and they spent the whole evening talking.
4. Maria and Pete started meeting every day and played tennis.
5. They like playing tennis.
6. They didn’t use to have friends of opposite sex.
Подумайте о своем лучшем друге. Почему вы подружились? Напишите пометки-ответы к вопросам из упр. 3b.
We met at summer camp. We both liked swimming and started to go to the lake early in the morning when it wasn’t hot yet. Then we discovered that we got on well and had much in common and much to do together. Earlier we didn’t use to have friends of opposite sex.
Рассмотрите выражения. Напишите каждое из них в отдельную колонку.
Time: at first; the next morning; then
Result: later on; as a result; in the end; finally
Feelings: luckily; because of this; to my surprise
а) Подготовьтесь рассказать о том, как вы встретили своего лучшего друга. Используйте упр. 4 и 5.
I first met him when I just started the ninth grade. I think it was the first day of school. I was walking into class and I saw these two tall guys torturing this poor boy that was like a foot shorter than they were. He was bleeding a little and he looked like he was going to cry. So I went up to them and told them to leave him alone. I had to get a little pushy, but they finally left him alone. I asked him if he was okay and if he was hurt, but he just looked the other way. I felt pretty bad because he didn’t even thank me. But later that day, he found me in the band room and he apologized for ignoring me. And I hugged him. I think that was what brought us together as friends.
b) Походите по классу и послушайте как можно больше историй. Найдите кого-нибудь с историей, которая была бы похожа на вашу.
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