Юхнель, 7. Unit 4. Lesson 4

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Обсудите вопросы в парах.
— Would you like to be a professional sportsperson?
— Yes, I would. I would like to be a professional sportsperson.
— What do professional sportsmen have to do?
— Professional sportsmen have to do training and have to compete.
— Are you a fan of any kind of sport or sportsman?
— Yes, I am. I am a fan of tennis.
Посмотрите на картинки. Соотнесите имена, страны и виды спорта с картинками.
Inna Zhukova — Belarus — gymnastics
Vitaly Klitschko — Ukraine — boxing
Cristiano Ronaldo — Portugal — football
Michael Schumacher — Germany — Formula 1
Yelena Isinbayeva — Russia — athletics
a) Прослушайте записи интервью с футбольными фанатами. О каком спортсмене в каждом из них идет речь?
They are talking about Michael Schumacher, Inna Zhukova, Yelena Isinbayeva, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vitaly Klitschko.
b) Прослушайте запись еще раз и ответьте на вопросы.
Inna Zhukova took up her kind of sport at the age of four.
Inna Zhukova had a problem during the competitions.
Yelena Isinbayeva had set many world records.
Vitaly Klitschko used to do a different sport.
Michael Schumacher is very competitive.
Yelena Isinbayeva has got two Olympic medals.
Michael Schumacher helped his team to become the best.
Cristiano Ronaldo made a famous team afraid of his future results.
c) Работа в парах. Выберите одного из спортсменов и попробуйте вспомнить как можно больше информации о нем (о ней).
Inna Zhukova started gymnastics in 1990 at age 4. Originally, she trained in Russia but, she was invited to train in Belarus. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games she was second in All-around competition. But what I really like about her is what a strong little person she is. Once at the Berlin Masters Inna’s music for the ball routine had been lost, she had to do it without music, with only the fans clapping along to her. But she was good, really professional.
d) Прослушайте запись еще раз и проверьте себя. Все ли вы вспомнили?
а) Работа в парах. Составьте диалог.
A: You are a famous sportsman today. But you have traverse a long path before When did you start your sport career?
B: Absolutely. I started playing hockey at the age of 6. My father is a big fan of this kind of sport, so he signed me up to the hockey group. I’ve always enjoyed playing team games.
A: Are you a competitive person?
B: Yes, I am. I am very competitive that’s why I am a professional sportsman.
A: What does your life consist of?
B: It consists of everyday trainings and team practice sessions.
A: It is hard, isn’t it?
B: Yes, it is. But I don’t regret. When we win I am proud of myself and my team.
A: What’s your most cherished sport dream?
B: I’d like to become the champion of the world.
A: Would you like to be a couch?
B: Yes, I would. I get on well with children and I have experience to share,
b) Работа в парах. Разыграйте диалог.
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