Юхнель, 7. Unit 5. Lesson 6

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Взгляните на картинки. Кто эта дама на картинке? Что вы знаете о ней? Что вы знаете об этом замке? Поделитесь знаниями с вашим партнером.
То my mind the lady in the picture is Barbara Radzivil. According to the Belarusian legend she fell in love with Zhygimont, the king of Poland, and became his wife. But Zhygimont’s mother was against their marriage and she poisoned her.
The caste in the picture is Nesvizh Castle. It is a beautiful castle in Nesvizh. It was the castle where Barbara Radizvil used to live with her two brothers. They say that the castle is visited by the ghost of Barbara Radzivil.
a) Просмотрите имена в таблице. Узнаете ли вы какие-нибудь из них?
Frantsisk Skarina was the first Belarusian book printer.
Mikola Husousky was the Belarusian poet.
Mikalai Radziwill Chorny was the chancellor the Great Duchy of Lithuania.
The White Lady is the ghost who lives in the Holshany Castle.
Krishtof Radziwill Sirotka was a famous statesperson of the Great Duchy of Lithuania.
Mikalai Radziwill Rudy was a famous politician of the Great Duchy of Lithuania.
Semeon Polotsky was a Belarusian poet, monk, playwriter, and translator.
Efrasinya Polotskaya was the first enlightener of Belarus. Nowadays she is a patron saint of the country.
Stanislav Radziwill a duke from the Radziwills.
Zhygimont August was the king of Poland who fell in love and married to Barbara Radziwill.
The Black Lady is the ghost of Barbara Radziwill who lives in Nesvizh Castle.
b) Прослушайте легенду. Скажите, какие из имен упомянуты в ней.
The names of Mikalai Radziwill Chorny, Mikalai Radziwill Rudy, Zhygimont August, and the Black Lady are mentioned in the legend.
c) Прослушайте легенду снова. Запишите как можно больше информации о героях легенды. Правду ли рассказывает легенда?
We don’t know for sure if the legend tells the truth, but personally I believe it.
a) Прочитайте статью о сенсационной находке. Выберите для нее лучший заголовок.
Археологи в Несвиже нашли большую могилу 17 — го века. Они считают, что в ней был захоронен очень важный человек того времени, так как в развалинах они нашли скелет богатой женщины.
В этих краях много историй о Барбаре Радзивил, и все задают себе один и тот же вопрос: может ли эта могила быть могилой известной белорусской принцессы? Среди прочих сокровищ было найдено золотое кольцо. Такое же кольцо можно увидеть на пальце Барбары на ее известном портрете.
Археологам приходится работать очень медленно и осторожно, так что, возможно, пройдут месяцы, прежде чем мы узнаем ответ. Станет ли когда-нибудь известна правда?
Мария Брыльска.
Ответ на вопрос в задании:
In my opinion, the best headline for the article is “History coming alive”
b) Верите ли вы в то, что в этой могиле похоронена Барбара? Почему? Почему нет?
I believe that Barbara was buried in this grave. First of all, the skeleton of a rich woman was found there. Secondly, many stories about her come from this area. And last but not least, a golden ring, that looks exactly the same as the ring that can be seen on Barbara’s finger in her famous portrait, was found in the grave among other treasures.
Сыграйте в историческую игру. Разбейтесь на две команды. Выиграет команда, которая первая даст полные ответы на все вопросы.
— What do archaeologists do?
They look for things from the past and then try to see a picture of what happened a long time ago.
— Why did York disappear?
Viking York disappeared because most of the city’s buildings were made of wood.
— What do you know about the Great Sphinx?
Sphinx is a magic animal in which people in Ancient Egypt used to believe. It had a man’s head and the body of a lion. The stone monument of the Great Sphinx was built 4, 500 years ago and stands 20 metres high near the pyramids at Giza.
— What do you know about the history of Rome?
Rome was founded by two twins, Romulus and Remus. They were bom in a very poor family and their parents left them in the forest. The twins were fed by the wolf together with her cubs. Later they were found by a shephered.
In the 27 BC the Pantheon was built in Rome. Later it was rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian.
The Roman Forum was first settled in the 7″‘ century BC. It is located between two hills — Palatine and Capitoline. It was used as a city centre and was thought to be the centre of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. The Forum was rebuilt many times. In Ancient Rome new constructions were built over earlier ruins. It was fully excavated only in the early 20th century.
— Name at least three world wonders and say all you know about them
The Temple of Artemis was built near the ancient city of Ephesus (present-day Turkey) 550 BC.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built in what is now Iraq around 600 BC for the Queen.
The statue of Zeus was 40 feet high and it was made of gold. It was located in Olympia, Greece.
The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek God Helios. It was built between 292 and 280 BC and it was over 30 metres high, making it one of the tallest statues of the ancient world.
The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built in the 3rt century BC on the island of Pharos in Egypt.
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus was built over the grave of King Mausolus between 353 and 350 BC. It was designed by Greek Architects and was about. 45 metres (135 feet).
The Pyramids of Egypt were built around 2680 BC. They were the graves where Egyptians buried their kings — pharaohs. Of all the ancient world wonders only the pyramids are standing
— Where and with whom did Barbara Radziwill live?
Barbara Radziwill lived in a castle of Nesvizh with her two brothers, Mikalai Radziwill Chorny and Mikalai Radziwill Rudy.
— Why did Barbara die?
Zhygimont’s mother, Bona Sfortsa was against the love of Barbara and Zhygimont. When she found out about their marriage, she was very angry and gave Barbara a poisoned ring. Soon Barbara felt seriously ill and doctors couldn’t help her. In a month she died.
— Who were the Vikings?
The Vikings were the people who came from Narway and Denmark and settled in Britain in the years after 800 AD.
— What things did people use to put in Vikings’ graves?
The Vikings were buried with the things that were very dear to them.
— What do you know about King Tutankhamen?
King Tutankhamen was one of the youngest pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. He became king at the age of twelve and died at the age of eighteen. He was buried in a grave in the Valley of the Kings, near the ancient city of Thebes.
— What do you know about dinosaurs?
The word dinosaur comes from dinosauria, which means “terrible lizards”. Scientists believe that these huge animals lived on all continents. Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. There are a lot of theories why this happened. A lot of scientists believe that they were killed by a huge meteorite which fell down on the planet. Dinosaurs were of different colours an sizes. Some of them even had feathers. There were also kinds of dinosaurs that could fly. Some kinds of dinosaurs fed on grass, others — on meat or fish.
— Name three important inventions and say all what you know about them. Telephone was invented in 1876.
The radio was invented by a Russian scientist.
The computer was invented in America.
The vacuum cleaner was invented in 1911.
The bail-point pen was invented in 1938.
The computer floppy disc was invented in 1970.
Compact disk players were invented in 1982.
— Who was Zhygimont?
Zhygimont was the king of Poland. He was tall and very handsome with dark hair and blue eyes. He fell in love with Barbara Radziwill and married her secretly.
— What did Zhygimont do after Barbara’s death?
After Barabara’s death Zhygimont found a magician and asked him to help him to see Barbara again. The Magician agreed, but said that Zhygimont couldn’t touch the ghost of Barbara. But when Zhygimont saw Barbara, he couldn’t keep his word. He ran up to Barbara and tried to touch her. Barbara disappeared. Zhygimont couldn’t live without Barbara and died.
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