Юхнель, 7. Unit 6. Lesson 3

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Спросите и ответьте.
— Where is your city situated? Is it a picturesque place?
— My city is situated in the centre of our country. Yes, it is a very picturesque green and clean place, with a large number of parks, wide streets and old beautiful buildings in the centre.
— When was it founded or when was it first mentioned? Did it suffer a lot during the World War II?
— Minsk was first mentioned in 1067. It suffered a lot during the World War II. It was let in ruins by the fascists and very few people survived.
— What places of interest are there in your city? Have many of the old buildings survived?
— In Minsk there are many places of interest: the National Library, the Troitskoye Suburb, Svoboda Square, Pobeda Square, Nezavisimosti Square, the Church of Piotr and Pavel, the Church of Simon and Alena and many others. Unfortunately not many of the old buildings survived after the World War II.
— Is it attractive? Is it worth visiting?
— Minsk is a very attractive, clean and green city. It’s one of the oldest cities in the republic too. There are many beautiful sights in Minsk: parks, hotels, squares, gardens, churches, museums, exhibition centres, sports palaces, monuments, cinemas, theatres, night clubs, etc.
a) Посмотрите на фотографии, которые дядя Ника, м-р Рамблер, сделал для альбома, посвященного Минску. Какие достопримечательности изображены на них?
b) Соедините фотографии с соответствующими фактами.
a) We can see the photos of the Holy Spirit Cathedral, the Minsk Hotel, the Troitskoye Suburb, the Church of Piotr and Pavel and the Church of Simon and Alena.
b) A — 3; B — 1; C — 5; D — 2; E — 4.
c) Какая из достопримечательностей могла бы стать символом Минска? Что, по вашему мнению, является символом Минска?
То my mind of all the sights above the Trinity Suburb could be a symbol of Minsk, because it is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Minsk. But in general I think that the symbol of Minsk is the Pobeda Square with its Pobeda monument. I think the square and the monument are very beautiful and they represent the heroic past of the city.
a) Послушайте заметку для альбома, посвященного Минску, которую диктует м-р Рамблер своему секрета рю. Проверьте, верны ли были ваши предположения.
b) Соедините слова с их определениями.
Cathedral — f; hotel — d; sight — g; visitor — c; underground — e; hospitable — b; hard-working — a; convenient — i; attractive — h.
c) Проверьте свою память. Помните ли вы, какие достопримечательности м-р Рамблер считает символами Минска для этих людей: детей, туристов, бизнесменов?
Mr. Rambler thinks that children would say that the symbols of Minsk are Cheluskintsi Park, Gorky Park and the Circus. Tourists would say that the symbols of Minsk is Opera and Ballet theatre. Modern high-rise buildings of banks and offices are the symbols of Minsk for businessmen.
Прочитайте заметку м-ра Рамблера. Вставьте пропущенные слова.
1) Attractive; 2) cathedrals; 3) hotels; 4) visitors; 5) hard-working; 6) underground; 7) convenient; 8) sights; 9) hospitable.
Были ли вы когда-нибудь в местах, которые упоминаются в тексте? Согласны ли вы с тем, что белорусы — трудолюбивые, добрые и гостеприимные люди? Что является символом вашего города или деревни?
Yes, I have. I live in Minsk and I have been to many places of interest mentioned in the text. My friends and I like to spend our spare time in Cheluskintsy and Gorky Park. I live not far from the Botanical Garden and go fora walk there from time to time. When I was a child, I liked going to the circus a lot. I’ve been in Pobeda Square too. My parents take me to the Opera and Ballet theatre often.
I use Minsk underground to get to school every day.
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