Юхнель, 7. Unit 8. Lesson 3

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Отгадайте загадку: Что случится, если бросить синюю скалу в Красное море?
Ответ: It sinks.
a) Изучите карту. Видите ли вы Красное море на карте? Какие моря окружают Австралию? Какие большие города вы видите на карте? Каков пейзаж Австралии?
No, I can’t see the Red Sea on the map. Australia is surrounded by the Timor Sea, the Coral Sea, the Tasman Sea and by the Indian and Pacific oceans. On the map I can see such big cities as Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Darvin. Australia is a flat country with deserts and some mountains in the east and west coasts.
b) Послушайте, что говорит музейный гид об Австралии. Хорошее ли место для жизни Австралия?
I think Australia is a good country for living, especially if you live in the South of the country, where the climate is mild. Australia is a country with beautiful landscape and unusual wildlife, with developed agriculture and tourism. Plus Australia is a very hospitable country and the people in Australia are very friendly.
a) Послушайте слова из таблицы. Какие из них легко понять? Почему?
The words state, territory, climate, production and minerals are easy to understand because they sound alike in Russian and in English.
b) Предположите значения других слов.
Cattle — крупный рогатый скот; wheat — пшеница, пшеничный; wool — шерсть; mild — мягкий; mining — добыча ископаемых; marine — морской; to divide — разделять; oil — нефть.
Прочитайте предложения об Австралии. Работа в парах. Решите, какие 4 из них неправильные.
We think the following statements are false:
There are two states and six territories in Australia.
The climate of Australia is hot and wet in the South, hot and dry in the North and mild in the centre.
The country is not popular with tourists, because the landscape is boring and there is no wildlife.
Заполните паспорт для Австралии. Используйте информацию из уроков 1 — 3.
Name: Australia, Down Under
Area: 8 000 000 square kilometers. It is the biggest island and the smallest continent. It’s only a little smaller than the USA and it is bigger than Western Europe. It’s 30 times bigger than Great Britain.
Population: 19 million people. Most of them live in the cities of the east coast. Most people speak English. Many people from Asia, America and Europe have come to the continent.
Capital city: Canberra
Parts: six states and two territories
Climate: tropical in the North, very dry in the centre and mild in the South.
Landscape: mountains run from the north to the south of the east coast and the west coast. The centre is flat desert. Great Salt lakes. Strange rocks stand out of the flat desert floor. The largest rock in the world Ayers Rock is 335 metres high.
Famous for: old mining, wheat and fruit growing, sheep and cattle farming, the production of minerals, oil, wool, meat, sugar, marine fishing, wildlife and beautiful landscape.
History: The Dutch were the first European visitors in 1616. Captain James Cook discovered Australia in 1770. In 1788 the first British settlement appeared in Australia.
Other information: If you look at the sky above Australia, you’ll see that it is absolutely different. The stars you see are different. A group of such stars, the Southern Cross, you can see on the flag of Australia.
Работа в парах. Поговорите о Беларуси. Используйте вопросы, приведенные ниже.
Our country is divided into six districts. They are Minsk district, Vitebsk district, Mogilev district, Gomel district, Brest district and Grodno district. The home of our central government is Minsk. The climate of our country is moderate. The people of Belarus speak two languages: Russian and Belarusian. Our country is famous for its beautiful lakes and forests, its hospitable and friendly people, for its beautiful women, for its flax, potatoes, potassium salts and tractors.
Работа в парах. Подготовьте 5 вопросов для викторины по Австралии. Задайте вопросы и ответьте на них. Кто выиграл?
Who is the official discoverer of Australia? — Captain James Cook.
Who were the first European visitors in Australia? — The Dutch.
What is the name of the group of stars that is on the flag of Australia? — The Southern Cross.
What is the other name of Uluru? — Ayers Rock.
What is the population of Australia? — 19 million people.
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